Jewish Scifi and Fantasy

Valerie Estelle Frankel is the editor of the Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy series for Lexington Press. Submissions of scholarly books about Jewish science fiction and fantasy are welcome. In addition, she’s collecting essays for two anthologies, focusing on Jewish fantasy from minority voices and Jewish fandom.

Valerie’s Chelm for the Holidays was a 2019 PJ Our Way PJ Library book.

Valerie is also writing a massive series analyzing and exploring ALL of Jewish science fiction and fantasy. Book one, Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy through 1945: Immigrants in the Golden Age will be published soon.

The number of Jewish sf and f novels and short stories is truly enormous. Steven H. Silver has compiled them at  

There’s also a long crowdsourced goodreads list:

Watch panels on Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy: Nasfic 2020

Also, check out my Peoples of the Futuristic Book panel (among many others) at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.