ABC’s Castle

Castle Loves Fandom: Celebrating the Detective Show’s Quips, Homages, and Meta-Salutes

Kindle Paperback
LitCrit Press. Sept 2015. ISBN: 978-0692544266
ABC’s Castle, a show like no other, celebrates every aspect of fandom. Of course, Nathan Fillion has already rocked the fannish community with his many beloved roles. As a writer-hero, he eagerly plunges into hidden communities, from vampire and steampunk clubs to beauty pageants and dog shows. He wears a space suit, zombie makeup, laser tag gear, and a tux. His fannish immersion stretches even to the point of believing in psychics, aliens, ninjas, mummies, and ghosts. This book celebrates the pure fandom present in Castle – the Firefly easter eggs, pop culture references, and film homages – all that makes the show a true act of love.

The Essential Castle: Plots, Characters, Episodes and Novels from the ABC Detective Show

Kindle Paperback

LitCrit Press. Sept 2015. ISBN: 978-0692548370

Can’t recall the backstory on Dr. Kelly Nieman? Or Beckett’s father? Trying to track down what really happened in Montreal or Paris? This is the book for you. Follow Beckett and Castle’s romance through its evolution and trace all the character arcs as Alexis grows up and Ryan and Esposito find their soulmates. Relive the funniest moments and the biggest tearjerkers. Plus Castle’s wackiest theories, the genre episodes, Firefly nods, and much more. With cast interviews and insights into the next season, the adventure keeps on going.